Hypnotherapy Program to Help Deal with a Variety of Addictions

Addiction is a chronic disease that can be difficult to admit to, but recognizing that there is a problem is the first step towards recovery. If you are unsure whether you are addicted to a substance or behavior, here are some symptoms to look for:

  • 5Inability to stop using the substance or engaging in the behavior despite negative consequences
  • 5Cravings and obsessive thoughts about the substance or behavior
  • 5Neglecting responsibilities and relationships
  • 5Taking risks that could harm yourself or others
  • 5Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop using the substance or engaging in the behavior
  • 5Changes in your physical appearance, mood, or behavior
Hypnotherapy for Addiction in Scottsdale AZ

We treat a wide range of addictions, including:

  • addiction
  • drug
  • gambling
  • sex
  • food

Hypnotherapy can be a helpful tool for overcoming addiction. It can help people to relax and focus their attention, which can lead to a number of beneficial changes in the body, including reduced cravings, increased motivation, enhanced self-esteem, and increased coping skills.

Our hypnotherapy program can also help people to access their subconscious mind, where many of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are stored. This can be helpful in identifying the root cause of the addiction and in changing negative thought patterns and beliefs that may be contributing to the addiction.

Hypnotherapy can also help people to develop coping skills for dealing with stress and cravings. This can be helpful in preventing relapse and in maintaining recovery.

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