Hypnotherapy for Overdrinking Addictions & Trauma

Colleen Hitchcock is the author of the book Hypnotherapy for Overdrinking, Addictions & Trauma.

Hitchcock has successfully helped a number of clients who were overdrinking, were taking addictive prescriptions, nicotine addiction, pouches, vaping, chew & smoking cigarettes and over-medicating with prescriptions.

Often over-medicating is due to past child abuse, trauma, PTSD, marital strife, or a created habit, but with hypnotherapy, it creates a process to let go of the addictive and bad behavior for a healthier and better life.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to get beyond the traumas of the past and move forward with more confidence.

These programs are not a substitute from substance abuse counseling or programs, But is meant to be used in tandem with professional support.

Hypnotherapy can assist with the transition of using alcohol, weaning from prescription medications, and smoking weed, or nicotine addictions.

Hypnotherapy for Overdrinking & Trauma in Scottsdale AZ