Clean Hypnosis Legal Information

To the Courts, Judges, and Attorneys

Clean Hypnosis provides hypnotherapy to improve the lives of those suffering from Overdrinking, Addictions & Trauma.


  • Alcohol Over-Drinking Program: a 6 – 8 hour program which helps client quit immediately, then follow-up with other sessions that support client’s sobriety.
  • Drug-Free Sleeping Program: a 6 – 8 hour program which helps client wean without the discomfort from the transition.
  • Prescription Medication—Wean Safely: 6 – 8 hour program which helps clients wean without the discomfort from the transition.
  • Smoking Cessation: 2 2-hour sessions a week apart with online support and a 95% or Better Quit Rate.
  • Pornography or Sexual Addiction: a 6 – 8 hour program which helps quit wasting time on pornography and other bad habitual behaviors.
  • Hypnotic Coaching: On-going Life Coach support with Hypnosis to help client get the job they want, create a business and more confidence, happiness, and success in their new sober life.
Hypnotherapy for Overdrinking & Trauma in Scottsdale AZ
Addictive personalities who find themselves in court often face-off with a judge who has the ability to be more lenient, if the defendant can prove they have remorse, are doing things to change and work on themselves and can prove that. Now they can.

Clean Hypnosis has the ability to help your client wean from prescription medications, quit overdrinking, while working on their confidence, self-esteem, and a more positive view for their lives and future. Helping clients heal rapidly, get back to work, and deal with the consequences before them.

On completion they will receive a certificate and report for the courts that they have finished with their sessions. If needed, notes to the judge are an option, with permission from the client to release.

EyeDetect Testing, run by Scottsdale Eye Detection, is a computer with a high speed, precision eye tracker that measures involuntary changes in the eyes and reading behaviors while a person answers true / false questions. These measures have been shown to be associated with increases in cognitive load, which have been associated with deception.

An additional option is that they can then take a test after their sessions to see if there is any deception regarding their abstinence. After completion of the EyeDetect Test, a report is received given to whoever paid for the test within 5 minutes. Once clear, this test would show the Judge that defendant has not shown deception in his questions. If he/she has deception, then that will show also. (This still will be good information for counsel.)

The EyeDetect Test has been shown to be 91% accuracy for detecting deception. And when run tandem with polygraph a 99% true result.

This cutting edge technology is available to use. Clean Hypnosis & Scottsdale Eye Detection would like to partner with all legal firms who are interested in using our technology to make their case.

Colleen Hitchcock is a Board Certtified Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Certtified Instructor who trains and certifies hypnotists.

Hitchcock has 10 years experience as a Regional Manager and a change agent for a Boston Management Company working with Fortune 100 companies. 30 years as a small business owner, Simon & Schuster author, ghostwriter and screenwriter.

Colleen Hitchcock is also a state licensed Private Investigator and owner of Scottsdale Eye Detection and a Partner with Eye Detect. Eye Detect is the occular lie detector test, considered more accurate than a polygraph exam.

Click here to visit the Scottsdale Eye Detection website for more information about our technology.