Employee Benefit

Looking for an employee benefit that promotes a healthier work force?

…And provides your company with:

Improved Morale,
Increased Sales
Better Safety,
Less Errors and Rework,
Better Time Management,
Lower Employee Turnover,
Stronger Connections
with Customers,
Fellow Employees,
a Greater Appreciation for Management.

Elevate Your Workforce’s Well-being with Scottsdale Hypnosis

Scottsdale Hypnosis is proud to share our Custom Health and Wellness Program designed specifically for businesses with 100+ employees.

Hypnotherapy creates Positive Change for individuals to quit or cut-back on over-drinking, smoking cigarettes, vaping, weed, quit chew, gaming, technology, and other addictions, help stress, anxiety, weight release, improve depression, grief, loss, sadness, get over fears and phobias, past traumas, or abuse, and foster techniques to create better confidence and self-esteem, and much more.

Within approximately 6 hours of sessions, Scottsdale Hypnosis creates a major change or improvement in each person’s life, that puts them on a higher trajectory of how they think of themselves, and how they connect with every person around them.
Non-denominational and supportive of all cultures, and gender issues, we train people the power of their words, thoughts, and teach them how to forever look at themselves, their family, their work family, their job, and everything they do from this point forward—with a new gratitude and fresh eyes.

This positive redirect for your employees will impact — every aspect of your corporate culture.

Interested? Call, e-mail, or text your interest and a good time to meet, talk, or visit our Phoenix office.

About Scottsdale Hypnosis (this is particular for biz owner deal)

Scottsdale Hypnosis is owned by Colleen Hitchcock, who is a former Regional Manager for 10 years for a Boston Management Consulting Company she worked with Fortune 100 companies doing corporate culture change for 10 years with companies such as, Martin-Marietta, Coors, General Mills, Pillsbury, Honeywell, 3M, several utility companies and numerous healthcare corporations.

She also founded her own corporation that she grew to 5,000 stores in 33 countries before selling it. Her Education degree and experience, 10 years as a Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Clinical Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist, Life Coach, and Certified Instructor gives her the experience and ability to adapt our business program for your corporation.

Robert Woodley is a Certified Hypnotist who has his Masters in Clinical Mental Health and is also a Life Coach. He specializes in relationships and uses Solution Focused Brief Therapy or SFBT to address issues, then uses hypnotherapy to help make the client’s desired changes more rapid. This new style of hypnotic therapy and coaching creates a clarity for goals, more accountability, and a bonding hypnotic experience, while allowing a practiced and more driven method—for individuals and/or couples to create your best life!

Lindsay Martin, is a Certified Hypnotist, with a corporate business management background for years. All hypnotists are experienced hypnotists with business backgrounds and special skills to — catapult your employees to their best lives.